Sand Sister

Title: Sand Sister by Amanda White


Bibliography: White, A. (2004). Sand Sister. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Barefoot Books.


Annotation: Sand Sister is the story that highlights the magic behind Paloma’s imagination. Paloma and her family go to the beach but she’s sad that she does not have any play with. She uses a stick she finds the draw a playmate in the sand and with the help of her father, Sandy comes to life! Unfortunately, Sandy can only stay until the tide comes in.


Genre: Fiction


Grade Level: 2-4


Readers who will like this book: Anyone who has ever felt a bit lonely will love how Paloma uses her imagination to turn that loneliness into a fantastic friend!


Personal Response and rating: 4; the combination of Amanda White’s characters and Yuyi Morales’ illustrations have created a beautiful book that highlights the value of a child’s imagination.


Question: Have you ever had an imaginary friend? What do you do when you wish you had someone to play with?