Born in Sin

Title: Born in Sin           


Bibliography: Coleman, E. (2001). Born in Sin. New York, New York: Simon Pulse Publishing.


Annotation: Born in Sin is the dramatic story of Keisha, a strong, young girl growing up in Georgia. Her high school guidance counselor recommends that she be placed into a summer program for at-risk youth, ruining her plans to get into a fast-track pre-med program. This summer becomes a pivotal point in her life; she addresses issues of self-identity, race, class and gender. Ultimately through making her first real friends and discovering her natural abilities in a swimming pool, Keisha discovers who she is.


Genre: Sports Fiction


Grade Level: 5-7


Readers who will like this book: Born in Sin will appeal to readers looking for an underdog or Cinderella story will fall in love with Keisha’s battle to the top!


Personal Response and rating: 4; this story appealed to me specifically as I have a particular love for sports, it really hit home for me as it reminded me of the struggle I went through during my soccer career. Keisha is a strong and believable character, my ability to relate to her made this book an enjoyable read.


Question: Have you ever had to work really hard to accomplish something? What characteristics can someone have to help them accomplish a goal?