Amelia Rules!

1. Amelia Rules!
2. Gownley, Jimmy (2006). Amelia Rules!. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.
3. Amelia’s parent just split up and her and her mother are now living with her aunt. She meets some new friends. One she doesn’t like, Rhonda. They go on adventures together like trick or treating, camping, and on a hunt for Santa Claus.
4. Adventure, Graphic Novel
5. Grade 3-5
6. Readers who like comics, graphics, or meeting new friends will like this book.
7. 4; This book was really good. I loved the story line and the pictures were amazing. I thought that because the graphics were really busy the story was harder to follow.
8. Have you ever moved schools? Was it hard for you?


My Favorite Monster

1. My Favorite Monster
2. St-Aubin, Bruno (2000). My Favorite Monster. Minnesota: Picture Window Books.
3. This child is afraid of the dark and of the monster. He hears noises under his bed and shadow on his walls. He sees a robber coming at him. It is a monster, but this monster is wearing his shorts. He starts laughing, so the monster and him decide to become friends and hang out all night.
4. Adventure, Action
5. K-grade 2
6. Readers who like the dark, monsters, or adventures will like this book.
7. 3; I liked the plot of this book. It will show children that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark.
8. Do you have monsters in your closet?


Freddie’s Fears

1. Freddie’s Fears
2. Robinson, Hilary & Collins, Ross (2001). Freddie’s Fears. Minnesota: Picture Window Books.
3.Freddie is afraid of everything. He is afraid of frogs, snakes, flies, spiders, and dogs. His dad told him that this won’t do and told him to think about all his fears as real pets. Then he starts liking all these animals.
4. Adventure
5. K-grade 2
6. Readers who don’t like animals or fear animals will like this book.
7. 3; I think this book would have a child overcome their fear of animals. Sometimes you just need to face the fear or view it in a different light.
8. Are you afraid of any animals?


The Monster Storm

1. The Monster Storm
2. Willis, Jeanna & Varley, Susan (1995). The Monster Storm. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books.
3. . Dennis is a monster, not very scary, but was kind instead. He was a troublemaker, but was very afraid of storms. His mother told him that the storm was the angels in heaven playing their instruments. He, of course, did not believe this. So he packed up some stuff and went to scare the storm away. He does and the moon comes up.
4. Animal Fantasy, Adventure
5. Grade 1-3
6. Readers who like monsters, storms, or overcoming fears.
7. 3; I liked the plot of this story and what his mom told him about the noise of the storm. I also like how he wanted to scare the storm away.
8. Are you afraid of thunders storms?


Where’s My Teddy

1. Where’s My Teddy
2. Alborough, Jez (1992). Where’s My Teddy. Massachusetts: Candlewick Press.
3. Eddie lost his teddy, Freddie, so he goes to the forest to find him. He is frightened. Then he finds a gigantic teddy that looks just like his. Eddie hears a bear in the woods, this scares him even more. The bear is just looking for his teddy, he has Eddie’s little teddy. They exchange and run back to their beds with their teddies.
4. Action, Animal Fantasy
5. Grade 1-3
6. Readers who like stuffed animals, sleep, bed, bears, animals doing human things, or lost things will like this book.
7. 3; This book has amazing images. The illustrations are beautiful. I like how this story depicts the bear being scared of the child, just as much as the child being scared of the bear.
8. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? What animal? Does it have a name?


Pink and Say

1. Pink and Say
2. Polacco, Patricia (1994). Pink and Say. New York: Philomel Books.
3. Say, Sheldon Russell Curtis, was hurt bad in the war. He was left with a bullet in his knee. Pink, Pinkus, rescued him and took him to his mothers house. They stayed there are healed for some time. Right as they were about to leave, Marauders came and killed Pink’s mother. They head off and are captured by them. Say was released from the prison later. Pink was never heard from again, but his memory lives on through this book.
4. Friendship, Memoir
5. Grade 2- Grade 5
6. Readers who like war, friendship, and family will like this book.
7. 4; I love this book. I think its great that it is a memoir dedicated to a man that had no one else to remember him.
8. Have you ever been hurt or injured and had a friend help you out?


The Lemonade Club

1. The Lemonade Club
2. Polacco, Patricia (2007). The Lemonade Club. New York: Philomel Books.
3. Traci and Marilyn were in Mrs. Wichelman’s fifth grade class. Marilyn gets sick with leukemia. The class shaves their heads for her, so she didn’t feel bad. During her treatment, Traci, Marilyn, and Mrs. Wichelmans became very close and called themselves the lemonade club. Mrs. Wichelman tells the girls that she has breast cancer. Five years later she gets married and Traci and Marilyn are her bridesmaids.
4. Cancer, Clubs, Friendship
5. Grade 3- Grade 5
6. Readers who like cancer, overcoming problems, friendship, or weddings will like this book.
7. 3; I thought that this book was really sad. These are very heavy topics for children to be getting into. I loved how her class shaved their heads for her and they were so supportive.
8. Have you ever known someone with cancer?