How Anansi Obtained the Sky God’s Stories

Title: How Anansi Obtained the Sky God’s Stories, from the Ashanti Tribe


Bibliography: How anansi obtained the sky god’s stories. (1991). Chicago, Illinois: Childrens Press.


Annotation: This exquisite wordless picture book vividly tells us the story of how a witty spider obtains the sky god’s pouch of stories. First the spider tries to prove himself by tricking a bee, then a snake, and even a leopard. Finally, the sky god feels that the spider has proven its worthiness and shares the many stories with the spider. But then, the sky god realizes that the stories are too valuable for only the gods and the spider to know! The sky god takes a deep breath and blows the stories across the villages below.


Genre: Myth


Grade Level: K-3


Readers who will like this book: This Ashanti myth of how their people’s stories were spread will peek the interests of anyone interested in one version of how things came to be. This book is especially interesting as it is a myth that explains how myths in general are spread for this culture.


Personal Response and rating: 5; this wordless picture book leaves room for some interpretation but the illustrations carry a strong message, leaving the reader enlightened by this culture’s explanation of how myths and stories are spread around the world.


Question: Have you ever wondered where stories come from? Are there any myths in your family?


Reading Strategy:

a.) Story Retelling 

b.) Instruct the students to retell the story, How Anansi Obtained the Sky God’s Stories using his or her own words.

c.) Almost identical to conducting a ‘Literary Lab Memo’, this is a great way to assess comprehension; retelling the story of this wordless picture book assesses the student’s comprehension of the content exhibited by the illustrations.