King Midas and the Golden Touch

Title: King Midas and the Golden Touch


Bibliography: King Midas and the Golden Touch. (1964). New York, New York: Platt & Munk Publishers.


Annotation: King Midas was an extremely rich king and had an extremely beautiful daughter named Marygold and yet, he was greedy for more. A stranger passing through King Midas’ kingdom saw how much gold the king had but King Midas explained that he did not have as much wealth as he wanted. The stranger said that King Midas’ wish of an even greater wealth would be granted to him when he awoke the next morning. Once the king woke up, he quickly realized that everything he touched turned to gold. Unfortunately, he forgets this when his daughter runs towards him! Marygold turns to gold but the same stranger that granted him the gift of a golden touched advised him to fetch water from the river and pour it over his daughter’s golden statue, and she came back to life! King Midas no longer spent his days counting money on his throne but rather playing in the garden with his daughter.


Genre: Fable


Grade Level: K-3


Readers who will like this book: Young readers who enjoy a story with a valuable lesson learned will love this book! Despite its rather unhappy ending for King Midas, the strong moral lesson prevails and leaves the reader satisfied.


Personal Response and rating: 5; the overall message of this story is concrete: be grateful for what have because the grass is not always greener on the other side and for that I think this classic story belongs in all libraries!


Question: (Intended for post reading) What lesson did King Midas learn? What could he have done differently to save his daughter from becoming a gold statue?


Reading Strategy:

a.) Reader Theatre 

b.) Put students into small groups and have them work together to create a dramatic performance of the text.  

c.) The ‘reader theatre’ reading strategy is a great fit for the story of King Midas and the Golden Touch because it addresses comprehension in a fun and interactive way.