Classic American Folktales

Title: Classic American Folktales by Steven Zorn


Bibliography: Zorn, S. (1992). Classic American Folktales. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Running Press.


Annotation: This compilation of classic America folktales includes stories from many cultures found within America: the Native American version of Pocahontas, the Wild West’s Pecos Bill, and the Midwest’s Paul Bunyan. Steven Zorn gives a fabulous portrait into America’s history through his versions of the classic folktales.


Genre: Folktales


Grade Level: 3-5


Readers who will like this book: Teachers hoping to promote cultural relevancy into their classrooms will love this book! It highlights many important aspects of America’s history


Personal Response and rating: 4; overall, I enjoyed Steven Zorn’s compilation of classic American folktales with the exception of his retelling of Johnny Appleseed. He does a fabulous job of making American’s history fun for young readers.


Question: What American folktales have you heard of? What’s the difference between a historical folktale and history?