City 1 2 3

Title: City 1 2 3


Bibliography: Milich, Z. (2005). City 1 2 3. China: Kids Can Press.


Annotation: This counting book focuses on counting objects, addressing the process of counting up to the number 10, that can be found in a city. Accompanying the city images are the number written in letters as well as identified among a list of the numbers 1-10.


Genre: Counting


Grade Level: Preprimary


Readers who will like this book: As a fun alternative to traditional counting books I have encountered, young learners have a variety of ways to identify a number in a fun and interactive way.


Personal Response and rating: 5; as this book combines counting objects and identifying numbers that are represented in multiple forms I think this is a fabulous and effective way for students to learn the process of counting.


Question: Where do you see numbers everyday?