Title: Swimmy by Leo Lionni


Bibliography: Lionni, L. (1985). Swimmy. New York, New York: Random House Publishers.


Annotation: In a school full of fish, somewhere in the ocean there was one fish that stood out. Swimmy was black and all of his brothers and sisters were red, he often felt left out. The school of fish lived in fear of predator fish. One day, Swimmy taught his brothers and sisters to swim together as protection against bigger fish. Swimmy used his differences to help his family; he was the eye of the fish they formed. Together, they scared away any predators.


Genre: Animal Fiction


Grade Level: K-2


Readers who will like this book: Young readers who enjoy stories about people, or animals, working together to accomplish a goal. It is a story of how diversity and teamwork can help you go far!


Personal Response and rating: 5; the story of Swimmy is a wildly inspirational story of how great things can come from diversity. This book promotes equity and would be a fabulous addition to any school or classroom library.


Question: Have you ever working together with friends or classmates to accomplish something? Tell me about it!