Amelia Rules!

Title: Amelia Rules! By Jimmy Gownley


Bibliography: Gownley, J. (2006). Amelia rules: The whole world’s crazy. New York, New York: Antheneum Books for Young Readers.


Annotation: Amelia is an energetic fourth grade girl. She and her mother just moved in with her former rock star Aunt Tanner because her parents got divorced. This story accurately captures the rollercoaster ride of being somewhere between childhood and adolescents as exhibited by Amelia’s tomboy and yet girlie preteen personality. Accompanied by her eccentric friends, Reggie, Pajamaman, and Rhonda, she takes on the world and finds that she has a lot more control over her life than she though.


Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction  


Grade Level: 4-7


Readers who will like this book: This graphic novel may intrigue your typically reluctant readers as the animated illustrations and format make Amelia rules: The Whole World’s Crazy a quick read! Graphic novels may also appeal to struggling and beginning readers because the overflow of images may make deciphering the story a bit easier.


Personal Response and rating: 4; I instantly fell in love with Amelia, never afraid to speak her mind; watching her character develop throughout the story was amazing. My ability to relate, when recalling on my adolescents also made this story a fun read, I often caught myself thinking, “Oh yeah! That was a BIG deal in fourth grade!” Despite a difficult adjustment to the format, it was great.


Question: What might be some difficulties you might have after moving cities? What challenges do “new kids” face?


Reading Strategy:

a.) Double Entry Journals   

b.) Instruct the students to write down quotes in one column and make connections to the quotes in the other column.

c.) Using the ‘double entry journals’ reading strategy for Amelia rules: The Whole World’s Crazy allows students an opportunity to work on his or her comprehension and writing skills as well as a great summative assessment for teachers to use. It works because students can make connections to contemporary realistic fiction.