The Whale Who Ate Everything

The Whale Who Ate Everything

Devoe, D (2012) The Whale Who Ate Everything. Canada: EH Plus Publishing

A blue whale is really hungry so he begins to eat random things he finds in the sea. As he eats he gets bigger and bigger, until one day the whale tries to eat a boat.

Children’s fiction


Readers who like books about fish;Readers who like whales

Rate:4; The book was adorable to me the illustrations were cute and I really enjoyed the captions from the other animals.

Question: What do you think is going to happen to the whale after he ate everything?


In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

Sendak, M. (1970). In the Kitchen. New York, Ny: Harper and Row

Mickey wakes up from a noise then ends up floating. As he is floating all of his clothes end up disappearing and he appears in the surreal world called “Night Kitchen”

Children’s literature


Readers who like stories that end up in surreal worlds; Readers who like baking.

Rate: 3; I thought the book was interesting. I do not understand why the boy had to be naked majority of the book. I totally understand why it would be banned. 

Question: What is your favorite nighttime snack?


Erica Carle’s Opposites ( The World of Eric Carle)

Erica Carle’s Opposites ( The World of Eric Carle)

Carle, E. ( 2007). Erica Carle’s Opposites ( The World of Eric Carle).  New York, New York: Grosset & Dunlap.

A book going through the many different types of opposites we deal with on a daily. For example the opposite of “up” is “down” and the opposite of “day” is “night”.

General Nonfiction


Readers who are learning opposites; Beginning readers

Rate:4; Good book for beginning readers. Illustrations were very nice and detailed.

Question: What is the opposite of something? What are some opposites you know?


Stella: Queen of the Snow (Free Choice)

Stella Queen of the Snow

Gay, M. (2000) Stella Queen of the Snow. Toronto, Ontario: Groundwood Books

Stella loves the snow and when her new friend Sam experiences his first snow storm Stella is able to answer all his questions. She takes him to go ice skating, sledding, and they make snow angels.



Readers who enjoy the snow; Readers who like the Stella series.

Rate:4; I enjoyed the book, liked how Stella felt she knew everything about snow and was so excited to share the experience with her friend Sam.

Question: Why do you think Stella is called the “Queen of Snow”?


Snow Dog, Go Dog

Snow Dog, Go Dog

Deborah, H. (2013) Snow Dog, Go Dog. Las Vegas, NV: Amazon Children’s Publishing

Tinka a golden retriever has fun playing in the snow especially sledding. Until one day Millie a beagle shows up and out races her on the sled . Tinka ends up lost and her owner goes searching for her.

Fiction Picturebook


Readers who like the winter; Readers who like dogs

Rate: 4; Feel like children will really like this book especially because of Tinka, a dog who can sled.

What are some fun things you do in the snow?




Seeger, L. (2012) Green. New York, New York: Roaring Brook Press.

Book full of wonderful illustrations and rhymes describing the different shades of green.


2013 Caldecott Honor Book


Children who’s favorite color is green; Children learning their colors.

Rate: 4; Very good beginning book for children learning their colors or for someone just wanting to know the different shades of green.

Question: What are some shades of green you already know?


Owl Moon

Owl Moon

Yolen, J. (1987). Owl Moon. New York, Ny: Philomel Books

A daughter and father go out into the woods on moonlit winter night, searching for the Great Horned owl.


Caldecott Medal


Readers who like winter; Readers who like the moon; Readers who like owls.

Rate:4; It is a fun family story sharing the bond a father has with his daughter. I really enjoyed it because of my love for the moon, that captured my interest.

Question: Why do you think the story is called Owl Moon? 


There is a Bird On Your Head! (an Elephant and Piggie Book)

There is a Bird On Your Head! (an Elephant and Piggie Book)

Willems, M. (2007). There is a Bird On Your Head! (an Elephant and Piggie Book). New York, New York: Hyperion Books for Children.

Piggie finds out there is a bird on Gerald’s head. The one bird turns in to two birds, who end up making a nest and lay three eggs. Eventually the eggs hatch and Gerald decides he really doesn’t want the eggs on his head.

Controlled Vocabulary

2008 Geisel Award winner

Readers who enjoy Elephant and Piggie books

Rating: 4; The book was funny and the illustrations showed the emotions of the character very well.

How do you think Piggie will get the bird off Gerald’s head?


We Are the Ship: The Story of The Negro League

We Are the Ship: The Story of The Negro League

Nelson, K. (2008). We Are the Ship: The Story of The Negro League. New York, New York: Jump at The Sun/Hyperion Books for Children

A story about the Negro League baseball team from the beginning in the 1920s to when Jackie Robinson went to the Major Leagues in 1940.



Readers who enjoy baseball; Reader who like to read about the Negro League; Readers who like to read about Jackie Robinson

Rate:5; I really enjoyed this book love hearing about the African American history. The illustrations were amazing, really helped the story come to life.

Question: What do you know about the Negro league baseball team.


Legend of the Blue Bonnet

Legend of the Blue Bonnet

de’Paula, T. (1983) Legend of the Blue Bonnet. New York, Ny: Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers.

A Camonche Indian legend of how a young girl brought the bluebonnet flower to Texas.



Readers who like to read folktales; Readers who like flowers; Readers who enjoy indian culture.

Rating: 4; the illustrations were very elaborate. I enjoyed hearing some traditions of the Camonche indians.

Question: What do you think is so important about the Bluebonnet?