The Chocolate Touch

Title: The Chocolate Touch

Bibliography: Skene, P. (2006). The Chocolate Touch. New York: HarperCollins.

Short Annotation: John Midas LOVES chocolate more than anything. His greed turns into him gaining a chocolate touch, meaning everything he touches turns to chocolate!! He soon learns that this is not something he wants after all.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 2-4

Readers who will like this book: Children who enjoy silly stories, children who are possibly too greedy

Personal response and rating: Listening to a book on tape was such a new thing for me and I think it was great, especially if as a teacher you are really wrapped up in getting a task done but need to keep students occupied. The story was very entertaining too. Rating: 4

Question: If you could wish for an endless amount of something, what would you wish for? Do you think there could be consequences to the wish?


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