The Wanderer

Bibliographic Information: Creech, S. (2000). The Wanderer. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers

Short Annotation: Sophie was given the opportunity to go out to sea with her Uncles and Cousins to go visit Bompie who lived in England. They would be gone for months, but Sophie was really eager. Though it took a while for them to get started going out on sea because they needed to prepare everything, but once they got out there, Sophie was excited and couldn’t wait to get to England. But of course, with every adventure, challenges come along the way.

Genre:  Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Grade level: Third grade.

Audience: Students would enjoy this book.

Personal response and rating: I give this book an eight. I really liked how Sophie wanted to go out on open sea, with her Uncles and Cousins. Going to England on a boat, would be adventurous because you would see things that you couldn’t see every day. Sophie was given an experience of a life time and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Question: Have you ever been on a boat?


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