Yo! Yes?

Raschka, C. (2007). Yo! Yes?. New York, NY: Scholastic, Inc.

This 34-word picturebook describes the story of two boys who meet and become friends through simple conversation.

Grade level: PreK-2nd

Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Readers who would like this: Children who are just beginning to read, children entering into a new situation, children who enjoy the dialogue based aspect of books such as comics.

Rating and response: 5; This nearly wordless book showcases a simple, understandable, yet powerful depiction of friendship. By being nearly wordless, the illustrations become all that more important to the overall aura of the book; I think that the illustrations in the book  are heartwarming and reflect the diversity that is present in today’s world. I love how this book showcases the fact that friendship is not a one way street, and that it both simplifies and complicates the idea of friendship at the same time. This is such a creative book, and I still cannot get over the fact that the story is told in only 34 words!

Question: What are some ways in which people make friends?


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