Six Crows

Title: Six Crows

Bibliographic information: Lionni, L. (1988). Six Crows. New York: Random House Children’s Books

Brief annotation: A farmer and six crows have a disagreement over his wheat. The crows want to eat but the farmer doesn’t like that so he puts up a scarecrow. The crows try to scare the scarecrow and these actions continue back and forth. eventually an owl convinces them to talk out their issues.

Genre: Fable

Grade: Kindergarten – 2nd

Readers who will like this: This book would be good for students that are learning about fables.

Rating: 4 – I liked the message that this book talks about. If you have an issue with a friend, or anyone in general, the best way to resolve the issue is to talk about it.

Questions: Have you ever had a misunderstanding that was able to be resolved by talking about it?


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