Bibliographic Information: Burleigh, R., & Johnson, S. (2001). Hoops. Orlando, FL: Voyager Books.

Brief Annotation: An illustrated poem that elicits the many physical and emotional feelings experienced while playing basketball.

Genre: Poetry/Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Grade Level: K-3rd

Readers who will like this: Readers who enjoy sports in general, and basketball in particular; readers who enjoy poetry; readers who enjoy brief, accessible text.

Rating/Response: 4.5; I’m not sure if this book was intended to be an illustrated poem, but that is how it read to me. There is strong use of poetic language in the short, rhythmic sentences. I noticed that I couldn’t help but read it in my head as though I were listening to it being read aloud by a poet. The young men portrayed in the illustrations represent a variety of races.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: This book is a poem about the way that it feels to play basketball. I want you to think in your head about one of your favorite things to do. What does it feel like when you’re (running/dancing/playing soccer)?


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