Arnie the Doughnut: Bowling Alley Bandit

Keller, L. (2013). Bowling alley bandit. New York: Henry Holt and Co..

Now that Arnie has no worry of being eaten, he goes bowling with his friend, Mr. Bing. Mr. Bing is on a bowling team and is trying to win a bowling championship.

Genre: Fiction, Sports, Mystery

Grades: 2nd-4th

Audience: Parents, Students, Teachers

I would give this book a two. Though the story was okay, the premise of the entire series where doughnuts talk is completely idiotic to me. Though the message was a good one, I feel like it was just way too out there for me. I’m sure many students would like this book, especially young boys, however it was just not the book for me.

What is your favorite sport? Why?


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