The Hungry Coat

Bibliographic Information: Demi (2004). The Hungry Coat. New York, London, Toronto, Sydney: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Short Annotation: Nasrettin was invited to a party at one of his friend’s homes. Once he got there, he was ignored the entire time. He went home and came up with a solution to fix the problem. The next day he went back, and was invited in and everyone talked to him this time. His figured out that people admired his coat, but not his personality.

Genre: Folklore.

Grade Level: Third to Fifth grade.

Audience: Students would like this book.

Personal Rating and Response: I give this book a rating of seven. I liked how Nasrettin showed and taught his friends a lesson. They admired his coat but not his personality. He told them that what someone wears should not matter, but it’s the personality that matters. He taught that lesson to them and they learned to appreciate him better.

Question: Do you respect your friends?


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