Good-bye, Sheepie

Title: Good-bye, Sheepie

Bibliographic information: Burleigh, R. (2010). Good-bye, Sheepie. Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish Corporation

Brief annotation: This book is about a little boy who loses his best friend – his dog. he and his father have to say good-bye but his father tells him that he can see Sheepie whenever he wants in memories.

Grade: 1st – 3rd grade

Genre: Realistic picture book

Readers who will like this: Children who have dealt with the loss of a pet will like this book.

Rating: 4 – This book was very good. I just recently lost my dog and i think that this book covers the topic very well. When ever you miss a pet, and even a person, you can keep them alive in your memories.

Question: If you have, or have had, a pet, what is your favorite memory with them?


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