The Wall

The Wall

Bunting, E. (1990). The Wall. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin

This story was about a young boy and his father visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. They go to find the boys grandfathers name who was killed during the war.



Readers who like to read about the Vietnam War; Readers who are interested in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Rate:5; I really enjoyed this book, it showed the connection between the father and son well. It also paid tribute to the Veterans who lost their lives.

Question: What do you know about the Vietnam war?

Reading strategy: KWL chart

Before reading the book the teacher would form a KWL chart and ask the students what they know about the Vietnam War and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in washington , then what they want to know about it. After reading the story the teacher would ask what they learned from the book about the two.

The KWL chart helps students really think of the background knowledge they have on topics and then be able to add on what they learn after lesson.


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