Amelia Rules

Amelia Rules

Gownley, J. (2006). Amelia rules: The whole world’s crazy. New York, NY: Antheneum Books for Young Readers.

This is a graphic novel about the young adventurous, fun, and entertaining Amelia. Amelia and her mother has just moved in with her rockstar aunt Tanner, after the divorce of her parents. She tells four different stories about her new life with her new friends Pajama man, Rhonda, Reggie, and aunt tanner.

Contemporary Realistic Fiction


Readers who enjoy reading graphic novels; Readers who like fun stories they can relate to; Readers who enjoy adventurous stories.

rate:4; I really enjoyed this novel, the humor in it was great it kept me entertained throughout the whole story. I also enjoyed how realistic the situations that went on in the story were, very relatable for children.

Question: have you ever had to move away from all your friends and family?

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