All Star!

Yolen, J. (2010). All star! Honus Wagner and the most famous baseball card ever. New York, NY: Philomel Books.

Honus Wagner, one of the first five men to be inducted into the baseball hall of fame, is a true legend. It’s no wonder why his baseball card is the most famous ever! This story tells the tale of Wagner’s life; it depicts his journey through baseball and the love, passion, and committment that he has always had for the game!

Genre:Historical fiction

Grade level:2nd-5th

Readers who would like this book: Children who like baseball, children who enjoy non-fiction/historical content, children who enjoy biographical stories.

Rating and response: 4; Jane Yolen and Jim Burke make an amazing team whose true passion for baseball shines through in this work. Yolen’s descriptive yet understandable text is perfectly accompanied by Burke’s carefully aged illustrations. Both the text and the illustrations do a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the time as well as of Wagner’s life. The illustrators note at the end of the book and the authors context given at the beginning of the book set a great frame for children to be able to understand this book’s historical context, and I loved the inclusion of real Horus Wagner memorabilia on the introductory and ending pages. I think that this books is accessible to a wide range of readers, including those who are not too “sporty,” and that is what I loved most about it. Overall, this is a well-written, fun, engaging book.

Question: What makes someone a good athlete? Why?


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