How I learned Geography

Bibliographic Information: Shuluetz, U. (2008). How I learned Geography. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux

Short Annotation: A boy and his family had lost everything during the war. His family had to move in with another couple. One day his father went out to buy bread, but came back with a map instead. The boy was mad at his father. The next day, the boy ended up exploring the map and learned so much just by looking at the map.

Genre: Nonfiction

Grade Level: Third grade to fourth grade.

Audience: Students would like this book.

Personal rating and response: I give this book a rating of seven. I liked how it showed how children can use their imagination just for anything.

Question: What do you like about Geography?

Reading Strategy: 2.18 (pg. 38 to 40). Yopp & Yopp

b. Semantic Maps is a reading strategy that can help students build their knowledge about a particular topic.

c. Semantic Maps is a strategy that be used for this book. This book relates to Geography and how students can learn about it through different ways. Students can learn about geography by exploring different parts of the world. They can do some research about a particular place and place it on a sematic map to show what they learned.


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