Just so Thankful – Children’s Picturebook

Title: Just so Thankful

Bibliographic Information: Mayer, M. (2006). Just so thankful. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.

Annotation: Little Critter is very jealous of the new kid in town who has everything Little Critter has always wanted. By the end of this book Little Critter realizes he has something money cannot buy, his family who loves and supports him.

Genre: Children’s Picturebook

Grade level: 1st – 3rd Grade

Readers who will like this book: I rate this book a 5, because it tells the reader that it does not matter what toys you own or how fancy your clothes are, but what matters is that you have a family. It sends a powerful message to all readers.

Personal response/rating: I rate this book a 5, because I appreciate how it tells readers that family does not come with price and to appreciate the family you were given.

Question I would ask before the reading: Have you ever really wanted a toy and then realized you don’t really need it?

Reading Strategy:

For this book I would use the Cubing (Tompkins, p. 28) reading strategy. Students will create their own cubes and on each side of the cube will include one of the six dimensions. The six dimensions are: describe, compare, associate, analyze, apply, and argue for or against. This reading strategy is appropriate for this book because the students will use higher level thinking and they will deepen their understanding of the topic, family.


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