Strega Nona

Strega Nona

DePaolo, T. (1975). Strega Nona. New York, NY: Children’s Publishing Division.

This story is about an old woman called Strega Nona, which means “Grandma Witch,” and her assistant Big Anthony. She has magical powers but her magic pasta pot was what interested Big Anthony. One day Strega Nona leaves without her magical pot and Big Anthony decides to show the townspeople its powers, but there are consequences.



Readers who like to read about magic; Readers who like the Strega Nona series.

Rate:5; I really enjoyed this book it showed how magic could be used for good. It also showed how to not mess with things that is not yours cause you never know what may happen.

Question: What does a witch do?

Reading Strategy: Process Drama

B: Process drama would be used after the students read Strega Nona and the students get in groups and create skits without using the book for a scripts.

C: This helps determine if the students have comprehended the book correctly. You can tell if the students understand the characters personalities in the book, also works on oral language.

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