Bill and Pete

Bill and Pete

DePaolo, T. (1978). Bill and Pete. New York, NY: Scholastic Inc.

This book is about Bill, the crocodile, and Pete, his “toothbrush” bird friend who become Bills best friend. They even go to school together where Pete helps Bill with his school work. One day Bill and Pete go to the Nile river to play and Bill gets captured by ‘The bad guy” who is a crocodile hunter. Pete ends up saving him and scaring “The bad guy” away.

General Fiction


Readers who like to learn about animal specifically crocodiles; Readers who like adventurous funny stories; Readers who are against people killing crocodiles.

Rate:3; I think it was a good book, I enjoyed how it gives off the message about how horrible it is to kill crocodiles. I also liked how with doing that it was able to show humor.

Question: Why do you think the story is called Bill and Pete?

Reading strategy: Character Map

B: The children would write the characters Bill and Pete’s name on top of two different boxes on a piece of paper. Then they would write information they learned about Bill and Pete in its specific box. Once thats done the student will draw arrows coming from each box towards the next box and write words or phrases that explain how that character feels about the other.

C)Using the character map helps the teacher be able to determine whether or not the students are comprehending the relationships between characters. With this book it will help with see the difference in the relationship between Bill and Pete and the relationship between Bill and “The Bad Guy.”

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