Always & Forever

Title: Always & Forever

Bibliography: Durant, Alan. (2004). Always & Forever. New York: Harcourt Children’s Books.

Short Annotation: In the book, young animals, including: a mole, a hare, and an otter, lose their mother Fox.  They are terribly sad but as the story goes on, the animals learn that they will forever have their mother and memories of her in their hearts.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 1-3

Readers who will like this book: Children who have lost someone special.

Personal response and rating: Sometimes children deal with loss and I thought this was a really good book that could be read to help a child coop during such a devastating time. I don’t know if I’d incorporate it in the classroom though, I think it would be good to buy during a necessary occasion.  Rating: 3

Question: Has anyone ever been sad when a friend or family member moved away?


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