The Swing

Title: The Swing by Joe Cepeda


Bibliography: Cepeda, J. (2006). The swing. New York: Scholastic.


Annotation: The picture book, The Swing written and illustrated by Joe Cepeda is the uplifting story of how Josey Flores recovers what missing from her family, her neighborhood and even herself. She is constantly frustrated that she has to borrow things from her neighbors because her family loses everything! Josey escapes her frustration by hopping on her swing, leaning back and pumping her legs. She soon realizes that her swing has a bit of magic, it helps her find all of her family’s and neighbor’s missing things! The whole neighborhood works together to make something out of all the broken parts Josey and her swing find. I chose this book for a thematic study on relationships because it shows how relationships, like those in Josey’s neighborhood, are important and when people work together, amazing things can be accomplished.


Genre: Realistic Fiction


Grade Level: 2-5


Readers who will like this book: Readers who enjoy realistic fiction with a bit of mystery will enjoy hearing about Josey’s ride on her backyard swing and the influence that working together has on her neighborhood.


Personal Response and rating: 4; this book reinforces the importance of working together and would be a great tool to help students understand that lesson.


Question: What do you do when you lose something? What do you think the positive aspects of working together are?

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