Number of the Stars

Lowry, L. (1989). Number the stars. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.

This book won the John Newbery Medal in 1990.

Annemarie is just a normal girl living in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943 when the Germans begin their persecution of the Jews. Her best friend, Ellen, is Jewish and this is a tale about how Annemarie and her family help save Ellen.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Grades: 3-6, though I would recommend everyone read it at least once

Audience: Teachers, Parents, Students

I would give this book a four. Lois Lowery is an amazing author and one of my favorites and the book was very close to what actually happened during the German occupation of Denmark, however there was something I did not enjoy about book. It was well written, but at the end I felt the story wasn’t completely finished and I wanted more, or maybe I wanted it to be more tragic or wish I had had more of an emotional response, but whatever bothered me about the book bothered me enough that I cannot give this book a rating of five.

What can anyone tell me about the holocaust?


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