Not all Princesses Dress in Pink

Title: Not all Princesses Dress in Pink

Bibliographic Information: Yolen, J., Stemple, H. E. Y., & Lanquetin, A. S. (2010). Not all princesses dress in pink. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Annotation: This book is all about different princesses. Throughout this book it demonstrates how princesses play a variety of activities and dress differently.

Genre: Poetry and Contemporary realistic fiction

Grade Level: PreK – 2nd Grade

Readers who will like this book: Readers that enjoy reading about different types of princesses will appreciate this book.

Personal Rating/Response: I rate this book a 5, because I loved that it showed that all princesses are different and that is okay. All of the princesses in this book were shown doing different activities and wearing different clothing. I think it sends a good message out to young children to be yourself, and that you can be your own type of princess.

A question I will ask before the reading: Who is your favorite princess? What are some characteristics about that princess?

Reading Strategies:

For this book I would use the reading strategy, Sketch-to-Stretch (Tompkins, p. 126). In this visual activity I would have each student illustrate what type of prince or princesses they would be. I know this book is geared towards princesses, but it could easily be about princes’ too. The students would have to show a lot of detail in their illustration. They would be required to show what they are doing, wearing, saying, and what they look like. This is an appropriate strategy for this book, because it goes to show that we are all different and it is a great way for classmates to get to know one another.


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