A Circle of Friends

Title: A Circle of Friends by Giora Carmi


Bibliography: Carmi, G. (2003). A circle of friends. New York: Star Bright Books.


Annotation: The wordless picture book, A Circle of Friends written and illustrated by Giora Carmi is a beautifully depicted story of a young boy who shares his muffin with a homeless man. This action transcends into a series of simple acts of kindness; the homeless man feeds the birds, the birds drop a seed into a pot in the windowsill young boys window, which turns into a vibrant sunflower. I chose this book for a thematic study on relationships because it demonstrates and emphasizes that relationships can be built through simple acts of kindness.


Genre: Realistic Fiction


Grade Level: K-3


Readers who will like this book: This book would be great for young readers working on comprehension. It leaves room for the reader to use their imagination, while the illustrations emphasize the important components.


Personal Response and rating: 5; this book incorporates a reader’s imagination and beautiful illustrations into a heartwarming story about the impact a simple act of kindness can have on the world.


Question: Have you ever done anything nice for someone just because? Has anyone ever done anything for you just because?

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