Where’s My Teddy

1. Where’s My Teddy
2. Alborough, Jez (1992). Where’s My Teddy. Massachusetts: Candlewick Press.
3. Eddie lost his teddy, Freddie, so he goes to the forest to find him. He is frightened. Then he finds a gigantic teddy that looks just like his. Eddie hears a bear in the woods, this scares him even more. The bear is just looking for his teddy, he has Eddie’s little teddy. They exchange and run back to their beds with their teddies.
4. Action, Animal Fantasy
5. Grade 1-3
6. Readers who like stuffed animals, sleep, bed, bears, animals doing human things, or lost things will like this book.
7. 3; This book has amazing images. The illustrations are beautiful. I like how this story depicts the bear being scared of the child, just as much as the child being scared of the bear.
8. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? What animal? Does it have a name?


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