Owl Moon

Bibliographic Information: Yolen, J. (1988). Owl Moon. New York: Philomel Books

Short annotation: A little girl was going out with her pa one late winter evening, owling. She needed to be quiet in order to see an owl. Her dad was calling out, “whoo whoo whoo who” and multiple times he did that. Then they received an answer back from an owl.

Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction.

Grade level: Kindergarten to fifth grade.

Audience: Students would like this book.

Personal response and rating: I give this book a rating of eight. I liked how this book portrayed being able to have patience. It’s important to have patience, especially when you are waiting for something to happen.

Question: Have you ever seen an owl before?

Reading Strategy Connection

a.       Book Talks (#6) Tompkins (pg. 15-17)

b.      Book Talks are when teacher give short descriptions about different books and then pass the book to an interested reader.

c.       This strategy would be appropriate for this book because students would be able to choose books that they are interested in. These books could connect to their lives in some ways. Owl moon is about a daughter going owling with her father one night. Students could connect to this book because it could be similar to what they do with their parents.


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