Rechenka’s Eggs

Title: Rechenka’s Eggs

Bibliographic information: Polacco, P. (1988). Rechenka’s Eggs. New York: Philomel Books

Brief annotation: This is a story of her babushka that would paint eggs and always win prizes for their beauty. Babushka takes in an injured goose. When it is strong enough to fly, it tries in the house and breaks the eggs. This is when babushka discovers that the goose lays beautifully colored eggs.

Genre: Realistic picture book

Grade level: 3rd or 4th grade

Who will like this: This book would be good for a class to read around Easter.

Rating: 3 – I liked this book. I thought it was a good story and children would really like it.

Question: Have you ever put a lot of work into something and someone broke it? How did the situation turn out?


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