Mufaros Beautiful Daughter: An African Tale

Mufaros Beautiful Daughter: An African Tale

Steptoe, J. (1987) Mufaros Beautiful Daughter: An African Tale. New York, New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books.

This story is an Zimbabwe tale about Mufaros who has two beautiful daughters, Nyasha is very noble and generous and Manayara, who is selfish and rude. A king has to choose between the two, on who he would like to marry. He goes out and learns about the two girls by disguising himself as different animals, and ends up choosing Nyasha due to her kindness.

Folktale Comparison


Readers who like to read stories based in Africa and learning about the outcome of being nice.

Rate:5; I really liked this book, showed culture well and overall a good message at the end, which is to be kind to others.

Question: What would you do if a King could only choose you or your sister to be his Queen?


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