Math Curse

Bibliography Information: Scieszka, J., & Smith, L. (1995). Math curse. New York, N.Y.: Viking.

Short annotation: Math Curse is about student who takes Mrs. Fibonacci’s saying of “you can think of almost everything as a math problem” a little too literally and all the fun and craziness that happens when he does.

The Genre: Picture book, Mathematics, Children’s literature

Grade level: Preschool to Third Grade

Readers who will like this book: A few readers who will enjoy reading this book are students who enjoy math; parents who want their children to read about different subjects; teachers wanting to teach students that books cover a variety of topics and also those wanting to introduce a math topic to their students.

Personal response and rating: I would give this book a 5; I loved this book because it talks about a variety of different mathematical equations and topics. I also loved all the images and that the storyline was very clear.

Question: Has there even been a time that you have used math in your everyday life, when and how?


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