Cinderella – Folktale Comparison #2

Title: Cinderella

Bibliographic Information: Roberts, L. (2001). Cinderella. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Annotation: Greta was raised by her father, because her mom had passed away many years ago. Greta’s father got remarried to an evil woman with two daughters, Elvira and Ermintrude. They were wicked and treated Greta very unfairly. Elvira and Ermintrude quickly grew jealous of Greta once she met her true prince and after her name was changed to Cinderella.

Genre: Folktale Comparison

Grade level: 1st-3rd Grade

Readers who will like this book: Readers who enjoy reading a mini action story about a young hard working woman trying to find her prince. Also, readers who love happy endings will enjoy reading this book.

Personal response/rating: I rate this book a 4, because the illustrations are very unique and tells a good story. This book shows how important it is to stay true to yourself and work hard. Greta was bossed around, but did what she was told and eventually was rewarded and met her prince.

Question I would ask before the reading: Have you ever lost one shoe before? If so, was it ever returned to you?


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