The Lemonade Club

1. The Lemonade Club
2. Polacco, Patricia (2007). The Lemonade Club. New York: Philomel Books.
3. Traci and Marilyn were in Mrs. Wichelman’s fifth grade class. Marilyn gets sick with leukemia. The class shaves their heads for her, so she didn’t feel bad. During her treatment, Traci, Marilyn, and Mrs. Wichelmans became very close and called themselves the lemonade club. Mrs. Wichelman tells the girls that she has breast cancer. Five years later she gets married and Traci and Marilyn are her bridesmaids.
4. Cancer, Clubs, Friendship
5. Grade 3- Grade 5
6. Readers who like cancer, overcoming problems, friendship, or weddings will like this book.
7. 3; I thought that this book was really sad. These are very heavy topics for children to be getting into. I loved how her class shaved their heads for her and they were so supportive.
8. Have you ever known someone with cancer?


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