Someone for Mr. Sussman

1. Someone for Mr. Sussman
2. Polacco, Patricia (2008). Someone for Mr. Sussman. New York: Philomel Books.
3. Mrs. Zukin is a matchmaker. She has a client named Mr. Sussman. He is so picky and has been unable to find a mate. He wants someone who remembers the old country, keeps a kosher house, someone who loves the color blue, can bake, is fit, and can dance. Mrs. Zukin does all this for him, but he does not notice until she sends his away. Then he comes back and they fall in love.
4. Love, Family
5. Grade 2- Grade 5
6. Readers who like books about love, matchmaking, being picky, or relatives will like this book.
7. 4; This book had amazing illustrations. This topic would not be something I would think to have a children’s book about, but I thought that it was done very well.
8. What do your grandparents do for a job?


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