Pink and Say

1. Pink and Say
2. Polacco, Patricia (1994). Pink and Say. New York: Philomel Books.
3. Say, Sheldon Russell Curtis, was hurt bad in the war. He was left with a bullet in his knee. Pink, Pinkus, rescued him and took him to his mothers house. They stayed there are healed for some time. Right as they were about to leave, Marauders came and killed Pink’s mother. They head off and are captured by them. Say was released from the prison later. Pink was never heard from again, but his memory lives on through this book.
4. Friendship, Memoir
5. Grade 2- Grade 5
6. Readers who like war, friendship, and family will like this book.
7. 4; I love this book. I think its great that it is a memoir dedicated to a man that had no one else to remember him.
8. Have you ever been hurt or injured and had a friend help you out?


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