My Aunt Came Back

Title: My Aunt Came Back by Pat Cummings


Bibliography: Cummings, P. (1998). My Aunt Came Back. New York, New York: HarperFestival.


Annotation: A young her has a vivacious aunt who travels all over the world but always comes back to visit her with a gift from her trips. She even brings back a wood shoe from Timbuktu! The last time her aunt comes back, she takes her niece with her on her next adventure.


Genre: Realistic Fiction


Grade Level: K-1


Readers who will like this book: Young readers that are attracted to vibrant images and intrigued by the wonders of the world will love the story of this young her and her aunt.


Personal Response and rating: 5; My Aunt Came Back was an instant favorite, the rhythm in combination with the illustrations make this story impossible not to love.


Question: Where do you think the young girl and her aunt are going? Where might you like to go? (Asked after the reading.)


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