For the Love of Autumn

1. For the Love of Autumn
2. Polacco, Patricia (2008). For the Love of Autumn. New York: Philomel Books.
3. Danielle Parks has had a cat named Autumn ever since he was a kitten. They moved down to the sea together. One day there was a terrible storm, Autumn ran away for six weeks. Then he came back. He would leave for long time periods and once came back with a collar. Then with a phone number on it. Danielle called the number and he was very rude to her. He apologized, so she invited him over. They ended up falling in love.
4. Love, Pets
5. Grade 1- Grade 3
6. Readers who like pets, kittens, love, children, or solving problems will like this book.
7. 3; This book was good. I like how it was about a teacher and her class was so involved with her cat.
8. Do you have any pets? Have they ever ran away?


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