Daddy’s Roommate

Title: Daddy’s Roommate

Bibliography: Willhoite, Michael. (1991). Daddy’s Roommate. New York: Alyson Books.

Short Annotation: This story is about a boy who’s parents divorce. It continues on with the arrival of the narrator’s dad’s “new friend” who is also male. This new concept is explained to the child as “just one more kind of love”.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Grade Level: 1-3

Readers who will like this book: Children who have a not-so-stereotypical family dynamic, or even do and should learn about other dynamics.

Personal response and rating: Personally, I thought this book was a great at explaining that gender doesn’t influence compatibility and shows the possibility of loving what you’re unsure is okay to love. Although this is a banned book, I think it would be a good one to have in the classroom. Rating: 3.

Question: Can anyone come up with a way to define love? What does it mean to be in love? What types of things do you love?


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