Bibliographic Information: Perraut, C. (1985). Cinderella. New York: Dial Books for Young children.

Short Annotation: Cinderella’s father had remarried when her mom died. She than had a step mother and two step sisters. They treated her with disrespect and gave her a lot of chores to do. Then the ball came around,  Cinderella wants to go but she isn’t allowed, it’s up to her godmother to save the day.

Genre: Folklore.

Grades: Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Audience: Children would like this book.

Personal response and rating: I give this book a rating of eight. This book provides a lesson not to be mean to your siblings because it teaches the valuable lesson of being nice to your siblings because they may end up doing something nice to you in return. I did not like how they portrayed the step mother and step sisters to be mean, because in reality that’s not how it is in today’s society.

Question: Have you heard of Cinderella before?

Reading Strategy: Tompkins book #11 Data Charts

B. Data charts are grids that students make to organize information about a particular topic. Grids are best suited for topics that have four or more subtopics. This can help students understand the topic a lot better and notice differences among the different topics or stories.

      C. A data chart can help students understand the story of Cinderella better because they will be able to divide the different subtopics that are discussed in the book, like the characters, plots, emotions and the setting. These data charts can help students compare Cinderella to another Cinderella story and see how they differ from each other.


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