A Light in the Attic

Title: A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein


Bibliography: Silverstein, S. (1981). A Light in the Attic. New York, New York: Harper & Row.


Annotation: A Light in the Attic is another fabulous collection of poems and illustrations by Shel Silverstein following the theme of what you might find in his attic as well as pushing further into his imagination. A few characters the reader will encounter include: Cloony the Clown, nail biters, a prince in search of Cinderella, and the cure for hiccups.


Genre: Poetry


Grade Level: 1-4


Readers who will like this book: Young readers who enjoy a good laugh will surely love the humor of A Light in the Attic, the illustrations and hilarious characters keep you intrigued and flipping the page.


Personal Response and rating: 5; what’s not to love about Silverstein’s odd characters and eccentric characters? He makes poetry fun for anyone.


Question: Have you ever been afraid of the dark? What did you image was so scary in the dark?


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