A Bad Case of Stripes

1. A Bad Case of Stripes
2. Shannon, David (2006). A Bad Case of Stripes. New York: Scholastic Press.
3. Camilla woke up with stripes all over her body. She went to school even though she didn’t want to. Everyone made fun of her. Then she was asked not to come back to school until she was better. Her mother called the doctors and they did not know hoe to fix it. They had everyone try to help Camilla. An old women offers her lima beans and that fixes the problem.
4. Audiobook
5. Kindergarten- Grade 3
6. Readers who like problem solving and sickness will like this book.
7. 3; This was a good book, although it was long. I think it gives a unique perspective in being sick and getting made fun of.
8. Have you ever been sick? Did you go to the doctor?
Reading Strategy: I think that doing a quickwrite would really get readers thinking about this book. You could ask them what crazy thing they would have used to cure Camilla’s sickness or about when they are sick. It would help students connect to the story.


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