Sleeping Cutie

1. Sleeping Cutie
2. Pinkney, Andrea D. and Pinkney, Brian (2004). Sleeping Cutie. Orlando: Gulliver Books.
3. Cutie had trouble sleeping and she wasn’t tired. Her parents were beat from her staying up, so they bought a night owl toy. It sang and took her to another world. They go to a night club and Cutie falls asleep afterwards. Every night after that she had no trouble going to sleep, as long as night owl was there.
4. Culturally Diverse
5. Kindergarten- Grade 2
6. Readers who like sleeping, insomnia, solving problems, or using your imagination will like this book.
7. 2; This book was good. It gives a good idea on how to help a child to go to sleep.
8. Have you ever had trouble sleeping?


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