The Piggy in The Puddle

Bibliographic information: Pomerantz, C. (1974). The Piggy in The Puddle. Simon & Schuster Books for young readers.

Short Annotation: Piggy was sitting in the middle of the mud pile, refusing to move. Her family kept telling her to get out, but she said nope. What will her family do to get her out of the mud?

Genre: Animal Fantasy

Grade level: Kindergarten through second grade.

Audience: Students would like this book.

Response and Rating: I give this book a rating of 6 because the girl wasn’t listening to her family to get out of the mud. I did like how they incorporated rhyming into the book to help kids with their rhyming skills.

Question: Have you ever played in the mud before?

Reading Strategy: Tompkins book #40: Shared Reading

  • B. Shared reading is a strategy that involves both the students and the teacher. Teachers help students read the books aloud if the student is unable to read it by themselves. During this strategy, teachers encourage the students to make predictions on what they think will happen next. Shared reading is a good strategy because it helps kids with their comprehension skills and helps them focus on the strategy instead of trying to decode the text.
  • C. This is a good strategy for this book because it helps students learn how to rhyme. A lot of words repeat in this story as well and it will help kids learn to recognize the words, so whenever they run across it, they would know what the word is.

One thought on “The Piggy in The Puddle

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