Polar Bears

Bibliographic Information: Freeman, M.S. Saunders- Smith, G. PH.D. (1999). Polar Bears. Mankato, Minnesota: Pebble Books.

Short Annotation: This book is about polar bears and their lifestyle.

Genre: Nonfiction.

Grade level: Kindergarten and first grade.

Audience: Children would like this book because it talks about polar bears.

Response and Rating: I give this book a rating of seven. I liked how they talked a lot about polar bears and it provides the reader with simple facts about polar bears.

Question: Where do Polar Bears live?

Reading Strategy: Yopp/Yopp Book: Example 3.24: Partner Journal

  • Partner Journals are to help students share their opinions with someone who has read the same book as them. These Partner Journals allow students and other individuals to share what they thought about the book they had read.
  •  This strategy will be beneficial for students because they will be able to share their opinion and learn from other people. They will be able to teach someone about the book they had read. These journals allow students to express their feelings and emotions on how they felt about the book.

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