Duck for President

Bibliographic information: Cronin, D. (2004). Duck for President. New York, London, Toronto, Sydney: Simon and Schuster books for young readers.

Short Annotation: Duck is tired of doing chores on the farm and began to protest. He ended up running for different positions, like being in charge of the farm and even Governor. He even ran for President and won the election. Duck must face the decision of staying president or being a regular duck.

Genre: Animal Fantasy

Grade Level: First through third grade.

Audience: Students would enjoy this book because it shows that they can be anything they want to.

Rating and Response: I give this book a rating of eight because it showed children that they can be anything that they set their minds to.

Question: Do you think the Duck would become President?

Reading Strategy: Tompkins book # 13: Exclusion Brainstorming

  • B. Exclusion Brainstorming can help students discuss with their class and their teachers what they know about a specific topic and narrow it down, so students are able to understand it better.
  • C. This strategy will help kids understand what kind of career’s there are in the world. They will be able to understand what is involved in these career’s and what they would have to do.

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