The Ugly Duckling

Title: The Ugly Duckling

Bibliography: Pinkey, Jerry. (1999). The Ugly Duckling. New York: Harper Collins

Short annotation: The reader is introduced to a baby swan who begins his life misplaced in a ducks nest. He struggles to fit in to a world where he doesn’t feel he belongs in. His mother is the only one who won’t tease him. The duckling decides to leave the farm where he was born, to see the rest of the world. He eventually finds a flock of beautiful white swans and decides to join them. He joyfully discovers that he belongs with the swans because he is one of them!

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-2

Readers who will like this book: Children who are feeling left out.

Personal response and rating: I thought Jerry Pinkney’s version of The Ugly Ducking was done very well. It is a classic story of how you’re not always going to feel as though you fit in but in other cases you will. Rating: 4

Question: Does anyone ever like different things than their friends? Has anyone ever felt left out?


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